A Client Says:

As I sat down to Thanksgiving dinner, I looked around the table at the faces of family and friends and found myself thinking, “If not for Faith’s gentle, able and patient guidance, none of this would have happened.”

Thank you, Faith, for instilling in me the sense of purpose and the transferable skills that have enabled me to turn a seemingly inexhaustible mountain of moving boxes into a welcoming, uncluttered home. What a gift you have been to me and mine!

C. Haynes-Davis, Saco, ME

A Client Says:

Words don’t quite express the appreciation I feel for your assistance in setting me free from the paper jail I was in.

B. Royster, Hartford, CT

A Client Says:

Thank you so much for your help a couple weeks ago! Wow, what I learned in a small amount of time! I shared my experience with a couple of close friends who helped me go through more stuff in more or less the same way you and I did. I managed to get rid of 40-50% of what I started with (before you came), and, though I am moved in as of Monday, I continue to work toward my goal of 70-80% reduction of belongings. I continue to feel confident, motivated and have good momentum.

D. Noll, Willimantic, CT

A Client Says:

Your understanding of our needs…your flexibility and your willingness to compromise when necessary were key to helping us meet our goals… while… staying within our budget. I am thankful for a job well done.

—K. Ziel, Colchester, CT

A Client Says:

Faith is fearless!

With her kind manner and very highly trained background, I’ve been able to tackle some projects such as…cleaning out the homes of my aunt and mother after their deaths. [It’s been wonderful] having a professionally trained, sensitive, supportive person with me during times of utter chaos.

I cannot highly enough recommend Faith for many situations. A professionally educated home organizer is crucial to those persons with attention deficit disorder, compulsive hoarding, or obsessive compulsive disorder. For those with depression or physical impairments, other problems or who just want the luxury of beautiful organization that “works” for them, Faith is an incredibly insightful and optimistic person. When she leaves after a session of working together, one simply can’t wait until she can come back again!
S. Daly Schneider, MD
Waterford, Connecticut

A Client Says:

Faith helped me reduce unnecessary items, which reduced my stress immediately. With each item that I threw away, a piece of stress went with it. She worked…alongside of me, guiding me through a sea of junk located on the floors, desks, walls, bookshelves and filing cabinets.

Within three hours, the room was in order. I could walk in it. I could see the carpet. I could walk to the window and look outside…This was amazing to me. Faith guided me through this process in three hours which would have taken me at least a year because I was overwhelmed, stressed and procrastinating.

Faith is a true professional who knows how to develop a caring and trusting relationship. Faith…made our house a home again.

L. Bellemare, Bristol, CT