Organizing for Stress Free Holidays

The Christmas holiday season should be a happy, festive time, but often, preparing for the holidays can produce more anxiety than joy. Let an expert show you how to organize your holiday preparations to make them less like tasks and more like fun. In the process, you can allow the real meaning of the Christmas season to shine through. This class will cover such topics as decorating, baking, food preparation, gift giving, card sending, events, traditions and housekeeping.

Faith Manierre, CPO, CPO-CD is a Certified Professional Organizer who started her business, Busy Bees Professional Organizing LLC in 2000. She assists clients in creating customized organizational systems that are easy to use and maintain: helping find order in a chaotic world.

Faith specializes in working with Chronically Disorganized clients and has contributed 3 articles in the Institute for Challenging Disorganizing book The ICD Guide for Collaborating with Professional Organizers for Related Professionals.