Organizing Homes and Offices, and Special Help for People with Chronic or Challenging Disorganization

Faith Manierre’s problem-solving skills and her creative approach will help you improve the work flow and time management in your home or office. Faith also works with people who have hoarding tendencies, gently and patiently helping them regain control of their space…and their lives.

What does a professional organizer do?

Professional organizers support and empower change. They help you set realistic goals to organize your time, your home, or your workspace. An organizer teaches you to:

  • Set achievable, daily goals toward more efficient use of your time and organizing your home or workspace
  • Turn your goals into life-changing actions
  • Work through the challenges you’ll encounter as you make changes, especially if you have special issues like ADHD, OCD, or TBI  (Faith is the only professional organizer in Connecticut with training and experience working with people who have serious, chronic organization problems)
  • Organize and complete a project you thought was unmanageable
  • Develop a plan for downsizing a home in preparation for moving or relocating

Residential and business organizing

Faith’s clients feel empowered to make permanent changes in the way they think and behave when it comes to organizing their homes, offices, systems, and paperwork—changes that lead to a feeling of being in control and increased productivity. Find out more about:

  • Organizing your home: from kitchens to home offices to closets and paperwork, putting your “stuff” and your systems in order
  • Managing a relocation: sorting, packing, recycling, donating and setting up in your new home can be so much easier with professional help
  • Organizing your business systems and paperwork: creative and flexible systems that will help you be more efficient and productive, whether in your home office or business location. The goal is to find the best organized solution for your style

Expert help for people with chronic disorganization

Faith’s passion for her work, along with her education and experience, have led to long-term relationships with clients who need more sustained help for challenging disorganization. She builds trust with her clients and engages with them in a way that creates lasting changes. Find out more about speaking with Faith to get the process started.