Daily Money Manager Services

Faith provides compassionate, skilled services to seniors and individuals who are in need of assistance in their daily personal business and financial dealings. She works collaboratively with her client, their accountant, attorney, investment advisor, healthcare provider and family. She understands the complexities of issues that her clients are facing and she respects the confidential nature of any information they share.

Some of the services that Faith provides for her clients for the Daily Money Manager services:

  1. Paying bills
  2. Research
  3. Mail
  4. Paperwork
  5. Backlog of unprocessed paperwork
  6. Tax Organizer preparation including documentation of charitable
    donations and Medical Expenses
  7. Bank Reconciliation/balancing accounts
  8. Form completion
  9. Elimination of paper clutter
  10. Setup and maintain paper and electronic files
  11. Online Banking
  12. Collaborates with Financial Advisor, Accountant, Family and other
  13. Prepare correspondence
  14. Attend planning sessions assessing home-based care, assisted living,
    nursing home
  15. Organize medical information and manage claims

Daily Money Manager Testimonial

Faith Manierre has been managing my financial records for 15 years. This includes bill paying, organizing and maintaining my files, coordinating meetings, both in person and over the phone with financial related professionals, tracking my donations to charities and medical payments and organizing my tax information.  Last month, my accountant complimented me on the organization of my tax records. This credit is due to Faith’s skills. During the past 18 months, Faith has been encouraging me to take a more active role in the daily management of my financial records. In this process, we work well as a team. In addition to being an extremely knowledgeable professional, Faith is a very caring person. It is a pleasure to work with her.

It is an honor for me to recommend Faith for this certification.

Pat M. West Hartford



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