Daily Money Manager Services

Faith is now offering the services of Daily Money Management for her clients. She provides compassionate, skilled services to seniors and individuals who are in need of assistance in their daily personal business and financial dealings. She works collaboratively with her client, their accountant, attorney, investment advisor, healthcare provider and family. She understands the complexities of issues that her clients are facing and she respects the confidential nature of information they share.

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Professional Organizing for Home or Office

  • Are you unhappy in your own home because it’s so cluttered?
  • Are you are embarrassed to invite friends and family to your home?
  • Do you often have to search through clutter for important papers?
  • Do you miss important deadlines because of disorganization?
  • Are you often sleepless with anxiety over the disorder in your life?
  • Do you struggle with chronic clutter and disorganization due to depression, Attention Deficit Disorder or Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder?
Have Faith...help is on the way!

Organize your home or office

With her patience and understanding, her flexibility, and her creative approach, Faith Manierre of Busy Bees develops a customized plan to improve the work flow and time management in your home or office. A professional organizer since 2000, Faith has coached hundreds of residential and business clients in Connecticut and other states, and she can help you, too! With Faith’s guidance, you’ll feel empowered to ~
  • Reduce clutter in your home or office
  • Develop a workable plan for overcoming severe chronic disorganization and clutter
  • Set up and organize your filing, financial records, and storage systems
  • Organize your personal financial information, contacts and calendar
  • Downsize your belongings in preparation for a move to a new home
  • Unpack, organize, and place your belongings in your new home

The ICD Guide to Collaborating with Professional Organizers

Faith is proud to be published in The ICD Guide to Collaborating with Professional Organizers book. The book details models for collaborating with Professional Organizers. Faith wrote 3 articles for the publication.

Special help for people who need more support

Faith specializes in working with clients who need special support. With gentle encouragement, she teaches people who feel helpless and “buried” by their clutter and disorganization—gently assisting them achieve their organizing goals and learn new skills they can apply to other areas of their life.

So, if you…
  • Live with chronic clutter and would like to live a more orderly life, or
  • Need extra support due to depression, hoarding disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder (OCD), or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
…call Faith to find out how to get started on your new organized life!

Why it’s important to get organized

Getting organized in your home or office gives you a feeling of being in control, on top of things, and more productive. Read More